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My apologies for the long absence without an update, but there has not been much to report on the survey. It was what I would consider a success - while it was open 433 people answered, and I am hugely grateful to all of you!

At the moment I'm still organising the data from the survey, and I'm hoping that I can soon have a proper look at it all. It may take a while before I can make any of it available on my blog though, as it first needs to be submitted together with the rest of my thesis. In case anyone missed my update to the original post I did eventually get approval to conduct research on human subjects from the School of English at Trinity College, so there's no need to worry about that anymore.

I will continue to post updates about the survey when I can, and in the meantime I will probably use this blog for a slighly different purpose...

Thank you for your patience, everyone!


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